iPhone X Max wireless + cable charging = faster !

Post date: Nov 05, 2019 7:19:48 PM 

So, it doesn't look like anyone's done any actual science on wireless charging of iPhones, so here are my tests:

Setup is a Portapow USB power monitor, plugged into my Macbook Pro, so hopefully more than enough USB3 juice can be delivered.

Off that is a powered USB3 hub - powered from the Portapow monitor.

Off one port of the hub is a standard iphone cable.

Off the other port of the hub is a wireless charging pad.

1.00 watts = No iPhone connected

3.40 watts = iPhone X Max (at 50% battery) connected & charging. (and when disconnected again back to 0.95 watts)

5.90 watts = iPhone put on wireless charging pad

4.20 watts = Both wireless and wired charging!

Without hub, and going direct from 10W wall charger.

8.80 watts = cable only

5.00 watts = wireless only